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Which men’s haircut for which face? 


Jan 7, 2023
haircut for which face

Last month, we were interested in the 10 trendy haircuts of the season, so we can continue our hair saga with the “morpho-hairstyle”. We are aware that everyone is different and that a haircut does not necessarily suit everyone. By the way, some readers agreed with that, I quote: “Some people have square, oval faces… How do you know which haircut will go well with which face?” . To complete our previous article on the subject and thus answer your questions, we have decided to devote ourselves to facial morphology . You will be able to, according to the shape of your face, determine how to know which haircut is best for you.or what you should avoid.

What are the different face shapes?

You may not know it, but your face says a lot about you. Everything will depend on your morphology . A round face will give you the air of a nice boy, while if you have square, marked features, you will be considered more of a mean person. Let’s not even talk about ruddy faces that will make you look drunk! Let’s discover together the different face shapes to find out who you really are and thus answer this question when you look in the mirror “Who am I? Who is it ?”.

Which men’s haircut for which face shape?

Now that you know your face shape, we can finally talk about haircuts and other hair extravaganzas. Note that some of you may find yourself between two forms, don’t panic, deal with the different advice!

How do you know if a haircut suits you well, man?

If you have a round face , that means your face is as long as it is wide, and your chin and cheekbones are rounded.

If you have a square or rectangle face, that means you have a square jawline almost as wide as your neck and your cheekbones line up with your jawline.

Advice: your face exudes virility and power. Know that a short haircut will accentuate your features and will look great. Keep a little length on the sides and a little volume on the top with a wick for example to reduce the too square effect, it depends on your desires.

To avoid: the slicked back effect, a straight fringe and the parting in the middle also called “curtain cut”.

If you have an oval face it means that your face is considered to have the ideal shape with a slightly rounded jawline and chin.

Advice: you have a face that allows you to dare almost anything. The proportions are already balanced so you don’t have to work on it. Instead, focus on something else to hide, such as an aquiline nose or protruding ears. Short or long, no worries, you will (normally) not make a mistake in taste!

If you have an oblong face , that means your face is longer than it is wide, and your jawline and cheekbones are the same width.

Tips: to harmonize an oblong face, keep the length on the sides and not too much volume on the top, it will lengthen your face even more. A fringe or a wick is a good way to hide your forehead and thus make it smaller.

Men’s haircut for a triangle face

If you have a triangle face it means you have a prominent jawline with a small chin and the base of your face is wider than the top of your head.

Advice: to reduce the triangle effect, you must play with the volume and length of your hair. For a short cut bet on a gradient on the sides and for a longer cut, stop at the top of the jaw so as not to widen the latter. For curly hair, a mid-length cut with more length at the back will be perfect.

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