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Online jewelry store:  best addresses on the net to find your jewelry


Jan 7, 2023
addresses on the net to find your jewelry

The digital boom has meant that today we can buy anything we want online, even jewelry. Besides, if you are looking for a good online jewelry store, you have come to the right place. We are going to see together the best sites to buy jewelry with confidence, whether for women, for men, and even children.

Histoire d’or, an online jewelry store that favors the less privileged

For  Histoire d’Or , it all started in Cannes in 1981. A humble courier roamed the streets of the city to find the perfect gift for his mother’s birthday. Knowing that a piece of jewelery would have been the perfect present, her vain race made her realize that only the most privileged could afford to adorn themselves with the most beautiful ornaments there is.

This is why the online jewelry store Histoire d’Or wants to be on everyone’s side, whatever their budget. From the simplest jewelry to the most exquisite ornaments, not to mention a wide range of watches, the Histoire d’Or brand has  more than 350 jewelry stores throughout France and beyond.

In its catalog, you can choose jewelry in gold, silver, gold-plated, steel, without forgetting ornamental stones such as fine stones, precious stones, diamonds and sapphires, with brands such as Ceramik design, Jourdan, Laetizia, Zilletto, etc.

As for watches, count on  more than 28 brands  to reveal their style and functionality, whether they are connected or not, or whether they are automatic, chronograph, digital, etc.

Need gift ideas? The Histoire d’Or online jewelry store makes it easy for you by directing you to personalized jewelry,  jewelry for men  or women, jewelry for special events (birth, Valentine’s Day, birthday, etc.). Also, don’t forget the private sales that the brand regularly hosts.

This online jewelry store even has a wedding section in which you have a wide choice of engagement rings, wedding rings or adornments.

On the service side, be reassured, because  either you are satisfied or you are reimbursed . Better still, payment can be made in 3 instalments, free of charge. Shipping is free from €49.

By buying on the web, you benefit from various advantages by activating your Histoire d’Or account. You will be able to accumulate your points and advantages and offer yourself other jewels at a discounted price via a loyalty card

The adventure began in 1997 for Cleor. Offer precious while taking into account everyone’s budget, that’s what this house wants to do. Be on the lookout for new products with its collections that are often renewed.

Across France, Cleor has over 136 jewelry stores, all listed on its website so be sure to browse the site to determine which is the pocketiest store for you.

Adore Earrings in Metal and Crystal

Cleor swears only by authentic jewels and 100% guaranteed whose payment can go up to 10 times free of charge. Home delivery, on the other hand, is free from a purchase of €59.

Cleor also means benefits all year round! Discover the new Cleor & Moi loyalty program and combine your reduction coupons and your loyalty checks to benefit from substantial reductions. Just fill in your contact details and it’s good (e-mail, address, tel, postal address) in your loyalty account (don’t forget the loyalty number).

From the first purchase, you will benefit from a reduction voucher of 10% the value of the jewel purchased. Each time you purchase thereafter, you will earn 5% of your total receipt. And with every purchase of €100, you will receive loyalty checks by e-mail. Remember to check your totals from time to time!

Another way that Cleor rewards its most loyal customers is to give them VIP status from the 5th purchase or from a purchase of at least €160.

Another particularity at Cleor: you can resell your old gold jewelery there. The redemption is done exclusively in store, 18 carats and 9 carats, with certain conditions: to be of legal age, to be the owner of the gold in question, to be resident in France.

Belonging to the large-scale retailer E.Leclerc,  Le Manège à bijoux  has been offering inexpensive jewelery of unbeatable quality (for its price range) for just over twenty years. Jewellery, whether for women, for men, or for children, is accessible for budgets under €30!

This bracelet of only 11.9 € is suitable for both women and men

There are 41 designers (2019 figure) who offer for sale rings, earrings, bracelets or even signet rings with a modern design for some, daring for others, and classic for still others. Women, men and even children, this online jewelry store is for everyone and offers  an impressive catalog of jewelry .

Apart from gold-plated, silver and steel jewellery, there are yellow gold and cultured pearl pendants, yellow gold and diamond rings, yellow gold and cultured pearl earrings, etc.

Le Manège à bijoux is committed to  offering tangible quality , ie 18 carats/750 thousandths for all the gold items it offers. It only offers natural stones, gemstones and traditionally cut gemstones. Artificially treated stones are banned at Le Manège à bijoux. Professional and with strong ethics, this web jewelry store scrupulously ensures the provenance of the diamonds, respecting the standards recommended by the United Nations.

Maty, the web jewelry store that is wreaking havoc

Then there is  Maty , another jewelry store that is also “storefront” on the Internet, if I may say so. On this jewelry site, you can access private sales to benefit from exceptional discounts (up to less than 60%) on jewelry. To get an idea of ​​the prices at Maty, you will be spoiled for choice from €50.

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