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The different occasions to offer flowers


Jan 7, 2023
The different occasions to offer flowers

Giving flowers is always a delicate touch to your loved one, and this for all occasions. Your online florist L’Agitateur Floral offers you a wide choice of delivery locations for all the occasions in your life, so that you can convey your emotions and feelings throughout the year. It is possible to send flowers for all occasions in life, whether happy, moving or sad.

Flower delivery for flower parties

Obviously, your online florist offers to send flowers to your loved ones during flower parties. For example :

– Floral creations specially designed for May 1st. A national workers’ day which is also a traditional flower festival where it is customary to offer sprigs of lily of the valley to bring luck and happiness. L’Agitateur Floral offers you the opportunity to have bouquets of sprigs of lily of the valley, sections of root lily of the valley or floral compositions with lily of the valley delivered by florists.

– Bouquets of flowers dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Celebrated every February 14 each year, Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers. A day when the flowers and by popularity the red rose, the queen of flowers is offered in bouquet, in composition to your better half,

– Cuts of green and flowering plants or other mourning floral compositions oriented for All Saints’ Day, so that you can honor the memory of your deceased loved ones. A Day of the Dead which is celebrated in France every year on November 1st. A period when the chrysanthemum is particularly popular for flowering the graves of our deceased loved ones. A flowering plant, multicolored or plain, but above all robust and adapted to the humid and cold climate of the beginning of November.

– Flowers, trees, wreaths for the end of year celebrations. Obviously, the Christmas and New Year period invites flowers on our tables, as decoration, as gifts. Starting with the traditional Nordmann Christmas tree which traditionally enters our living rooms for Saint Nicolas. Or the Advent wreath on our front doors. Plants like the poinsettia or the hellebore will decorate the interiors, compositions will decorate the centerpieces. Bouquets of flowers will delight the guests.

Offer flowers for the celebrations of life

Flowers are an ideal choice of gift and are particularly pleasing at floral celebrations called celebrations of life. Four celebrations of life take place every year:

– Mother’s Day, the most popular celebration of life in the flower industry. A party where the flower is an ideal gift to highlight and thank all the love that a mother has given. An ideal gift so that you can send a message of tenderness to your mother whether you spend this day with her or not. Usually, Mother’s Day is the last Sunday of May. But in 2019, it took place on the first Sunday after the last day of May. That is the first Sunday of June. A period when the Peony is at its most beautiful of the season and therefore acclaimed for this flower festival.

– Also very popular since 2015, Grandmother’s Day. A festival that takes place every year in France on the first Sunday of March. Although this holiday is less common than Mother’s Day, flowers are gifts that particularly affect the elderly, because of their sweetness. The daffodil, a magnificent yellow seasonal flower, is the most popular flower during Grandmother’s Day.

– Offer green and flowering plants or other floral arrangements for Father’s Day. And yes, less popular than the two previous celebrations of life, dads also appreciate receiving a pretty plant to adorn the house, their office, such as orchids for example, a banzai ficus. Flowers and plants are not gifts dedicated to women! Father’s Day is celebrated in France one Sunday a year in mid-June.

– Grandfather’s Day, the least popular but equally important celebration of life. This flower festival is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. This festival was born in 2008 hence its lack of popularity. But L’Agitateur Floral still sees hundreds of orders for green plants every year, mainly for this holiday.

Life’s occasions to express your joy

Having flowers delivered for a special occasion to a loved one is a nice gesture to express your love or friendship to the person, even if you cannot join them. L’Agitateur Floral offers a large number of floral choices to best meet your expectations for each occasion:

– We offer all kinds of colorful floral creations for birthdays, whether it’s for a child’s birthday, a man’s birthday, or a woman’s birthday. This will allow you to offer a gift to the person even though you cannot join them on this particular day for them,

– It is rare to attend a wedding without flowers, which is why your online florist and its florist artisans offer you a wide choice of floral arrangements and plant cuts for a wedding or engagement, always remaining in elegance and sweetness,

– We also have flower arrangements designed to be offered at the birth of a child, whether it is a little boy or a little girl. It is a present that allows you to announce life in a poetic and positive way, which will undoubtedly give great pleasure to young parents,

– Finally, if you want to congratulate someone, during professional events for example, L’Agitateur Floral offers you very elegant and sober floral compositions and cuts of green and flowering plants, in order to sty in the world of work .

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